FOR those who live in states THAT ARE NOT voter suppressed. Please make sure you know where your polling places are. The notices were sent out in Queens, NY 2-3 weeks ago. My polling place has been changed. The GOP knows that they WILL NOT WIN FAIR AND SQUARE SO THEY ARE CHEATING AND USING CHEAP TRICKS. They are betting that you will not notice the change. Go to the wrong polling place, get frustrated and not vote. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO WIN THIS WAY. Call or go on-line to check your polling place with your local board of elections. I’m sure these changes were made to prevent the overcrowding that occurred in 2008. Just be aware.

This election campaign is disgusting. The open racism is horrible. I’ve heard people who support the GOP say they are not racist but believe POTUS is not doing a good…

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  1. I’m in Florida. There’s always a challenge here.

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