The Purpose of the Marginalized

Our society has two sections, the mainstream and the marginalized. What makes up the marginalized? Important components of our culture and country. Changes of thinking, prioritizing parts of American life, immigrants, artists, circus performers, writers, poets, photographers and anyone who pulls society screaming into new ways of thinking and living.

Initial reactions to accepting new ideas and priorities are often challenging to those who have walked solidly year after year, in the right way, the mainstream. In our age, we are still working on women’s rights, hunger issues, and the rights of people who disagree with the government. I am not speaking here of homegrown terrorists. just those who are willing to think outside of the box and disagree with the powers that be.

The edges of society call for justness and fairness. They won’t settle for less. History shows us the immense changes which have been instigated by the disenfranchised or marginalized. The edges of society eventually pull society forward into the place where they are more inclusive, more tolerant, and less willing to put up with dishonesty. The colonists who began the American Revolution were fringe, and yet they founded a new country based upon freedom and democracy.  In England, they were criminals. In America, they are heroes and heroines.

So as the fringe slowly becomes the mainstream, the artist becomes well-paid, the writer is finally published, the marginalized becomes the mainstream. New fringe elements appear to challenge the acceptable, the mainstream and so on and so on. A never ending cycle, in which the marginalized move us into our own future.  If we persecute the marginalized, then, we will cease to move forward.  This is why tolerance of ideas is so important.

” I am willing to put myself through anything; temporary pain or discomfort means nothing to me as long as I can see that the experience will take me to a new level.  I am interested in the unknown, and the only path to the unknown is through breaking barriers, an often painful process.”   –Diana Nyad

6 thoughts on “The Purpose of the Marginalized

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Having been part of both sides of society at different times in my life, I have compassion for both ways of life. I completely agree with you that the mainstream needs the marginalized if we are ever to grow towards our common higher good.

  2. mountainmae says:

    And then you can melt them down and batik cloth with them.

  3. carolisle says:

    You post makes me think of a story it goes like this:The teacher got worried about a student because all he drew with was a black crayon. She called in a psychologist to find out what was going on. When asked why he colored with black he answered “I sit at the end of the row and when they get to me that’s all that’s left.”

  4. Asifa says:

    This is an amazing post… I agree with your perspective on how the marginalized pull the society forward in an ever-evolving process… Very well written with an appropriate pic 🙂

  5. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    And, yet, it seems that we’re even more in the throes of marginalizing individuals. The marginalized are growing in numbers in the U.S. We have to recognize their place in this society before we, the decision-makers, and the entitled, get pushed aside.

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