Dreams in the Night

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, fighting off a flu that hit my second-oldest grandson hard this last week.
When I am slightly feverish, I get some odd dreams sometimes — nothing that I can remember, but enough to make me unsettled when I wake.


This song, by one of my favorite artists, Stevie Nicks, speaks to me of those odd dreams, fever-dreams.  The song is Moonlight (Vampire Dreams) from her 2011 Album In Your Dreams.
I hope you enjoy it.


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One More Voice Silenced

We have lost another great voice and musician. Glen Frey of the Eagles has passed and so many of us are reviewing our memories of the man and his  music. I know that his family and bandmates are really grieving and I hope for their comfort. Glen Frey and Don Henley were the backbone of the band and it is always a shock to hear someone who you grew up listening to has passed. His solo career was good and as guitarist and singer for the Eagles he touched many people. Thank you Glen for the tunes and the good times. May you RIP.

You are missed. But I think that there is a rock band in heaven and that you were welcomed warmly and that you are all jammin’ away.







Not Your Usual Classical Music



The Transiberian Orchestra is a very unusual band. I have seen them in concert twice and it was a tremendous experience both times.They take music up into the clouds.They so travel around the country and world so you could also see them if you wished to. So get comfortable, relax and let the Orchestra transport you to a higher dimension.


Barbara, the Idealistic Rebel

Sunday Afternoon

I spent the day cooking and baking, in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I do my best cooking when there’s Rock’n’Roll on the stereo, so I thought I’d share a couple of the tunes that get me cookin’!


Barbara the Idealistic Rebel and Chief Chef