Trump Inauguration To Be Met by Mass “Women’s March on Washington”

Trump Inauguration To Be Met By Mass ‘Women’s March On Washington’

“We cannot allow ourselves to give up, put our heads down and not hold this administration accountable for any violation of human rights or women’s rights.”

Sunday thoughts

” Are you looking for Me?

I am in the next seat.

My shoulder is against yours.

You will not find Me in stupas,

not in Indian shrine rooms,

nor synagogues, nor in cathedrals,

not in masses, nor kirtans,

not in legs winding around your own neck,

nor in eating nothing but vegetables.

When you really look for Me,

you will see Me instantly—

You will find Me in the tiniest house of time.”

—Khabir, a thirteenth century Eastern poet






Holden Beach, NC Photographed and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015

Friday Flower Fiesta

Cleveland Botanical Gardens; Photo by Barbara Mattio

Cleveland Botanical Gardens; Photo by Barbara Mattio

I like Friday Flower Fiesta. It gives our minds a rest, a small respite from all that is happening in the world. So take a deep breath and I hope my flowers take you away somewhere beautiful and peaceful for a few moments.