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I asked 8 experts if we’re in a constitutional crisis. Here’s what they said.



I firmly believe that the Senate will protect our Democracy.  There are GOP members who will also help to prevent the destruction of Democracy. I would to hear your thoughts and would encourage good natured debate. I hope you will consider sharing your thoughts.

Let’s talk Reality

GOP logic

GOP logic

If you look at what the GOP Is saying and then look at the bigger picture, the picture where everything counts, what they say is just selfish. This is a democracy. One set of people are more important than all of the rest? No, this isn’t true. if it would be true then this wouldn’t be a democracy. The Founding Fathers came up with a new idea, Democracy. They wanted freedom of speech, religion and the right to be equal to everyone else.

Not only did we go to war with England to have these rights, many people who lived here then, didn’t want anything to do with a democratic country. They worked against the colonists who were fighting the English. Families divided over the question just as they did over the Civil War. The Civil war was fought to preserve the Union and to free the slaves. Our bloodiest war.

You know the outcomes as well as I do. During the ensuing years, we have argued, and filibustered, over everything. And we have made others suffer for our benefit. The Chinese were who really built our rail system, after Pearl Harbor we interred the Japanese people who had lived here for generations. We basically put them in concentration camps while we fought to get the Jews, Polish and Gypsies out of the camps. The difference was that we did not experiment on their bodies, or gas them but we did take away their freedom. In the land of the free, we put them behind wire fences and robbed them of their freedom and rights as American citizens.

Women today need to be legally equal. We are not beasts of burden and we are more than baby making machines.  The GOP doesn’t want to pay for women’s health or contraceptives. I have heard Republicans say that they don’t want to pay for women to have sex. But..Viagra should be paid for. The phallic symbol of male dominance is important enough for insurance to pay for it. So let us logically look at what that will lead to. We enable males  to produce viable sperm and millions of women can’t afford to buy contraception. I see a huge increase of babies being born that didn’t ask to be here. No one wants to help feed, clothe or educate them. How many of these babies will be geniuses that will never reach their potential? They might be smarter than your children. Oh my!  Men who pay for sex do not pay for a child conceived in this business transaction. Actually, a prostitute will get arrested yet a John will go free back to his wife and children. Scott free. Why? Because they are men. And Caucasions and society will look the other way. Women make $.74 for every $1.00  a man makes no matter how well a woman does her job or how badly a man does his. He will earn more. He has that phallus.

Women run homes, PTA;s, corporations and governments yet we are not legally equal. Males use this as a way to control us…well this and rape. There is so much hypocrisy in our society right now that it is sickening. If God made Adam then he equally made Eve.  Yes, I know the whole story about the garden. The most important part of the story is that Eve offered the apple or the pomegranate to Adam. The owner of the phallus chose to eat of the fruit. Notice the word chose. He could have said no, nope, no thanks, no way but he said yes. He thought it over in his mind and decided that he should eat of the fruit. Yet we aren’t equal. He is worth more and is a better creation than a woman? I Don’t Think So. Why do men feel so intimidated by the thought that women should be legally equal?

As far as the Affordable Health Care goes. Yes we were made a promise and we now know it can’t be kept. President Obama pledged no one would lose their health insurance. And he was unable to keep his promise because many policies cost less than $100 per month but covered nothing. So you pay a low premium and you get stuck with the bills. Now some people will spend some more on premiums, it varies, but more procedures will be covered. The richest 1% doesn’t have anything to worry about because whatever happens in their lives, there is enough money to fix it. There will come a time that you will be glad to have our new health care. Prices of medical care will continue to go up and substandard insurance just won’t help. We the people, have voted and spoken. Trying to scare them to death isn’t going to work because time will show that this Healthcare Act is going to make life better for their lives.  So, once again, I have to say, Shame on you Congress.

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