Women’s Equality in Literal Motion

First Woman to Run in Boston Marathon Did It Again — 50 Years Later

People are not Owned here in the USA or in any Country

Stats on Forcible Rape

Stats on Forcible Rape

Shameless Hussy

yesterday i had a wild thot. hearing james brown on the radio singing sit it loud: i‘m black and i‘m proud. Ithot, wonder how it would feet to say, say it loud, i‘m female and proud. it was obviously too silly , think how embassassed i would be if a neighbor came to the door. what if john came home and i was making the bed yelling I AM FEMALE AND I’M PROUD? i‘d never hear the end of it. i started saying it and nearly choked on the words. choulnt get them out . realized it was a lie. i aint proud. didnt havea thing to do with it. took pot luck and came out a broad. kept trying to say it. after a few tries, i could. it wasnt very loud. it was probly the quietest sound in the room. me patting pillow into place on the bed and muttering, i‘m female and i‘m proud. then i got a little hostilce and said it loud, i‘m female and proud and thot about it and wanted to feel it and said it loud k’m female and proud and after the record was over i yelled it a couple of times and it felt okay. and i hanent done it since but maybe i will again.”
—-excetpt from Alta
A revolution has started, there’s no doubt about it. And what will happen if the masculine world order, built on language and the supremacy of men continues to be shaken by women everywhere? Women are going to continue to shake and challenge the misogyny in society.

Protesting who owns a woman's body

Protesting who owns a woman’s body

Can we not envision a world in which both men and women honor the body, refusing to separate it from spirit? Can we see a world that cherishes the earthly as holy? Can we envision a world where caring for and nurturing the earth and each other becomes more important than domination and conquering? Can we see in our mind’s eye a world where all human beings are considered part of the ceative matrix?

Men ought to think about how it would feel if a sister, mother, aunt or nana was raped. Would it be hillarious to them?

Men ought to think about how it would feel if a sister, mother, aunt or nana was raped. Would it be hillarious to them?

I don’t feel men are the enemy. I have seven grandsons and love each of them dearly. The problem is that Patriarchy is killing the best in both genders of our society.You can smell the decay of society and war everywhere. The only history recorded is men’s history. We have made some progress but certainly not enough.

Women can never give up the search for themselves and their truth. Our truth is our herstory but it is more of an oral tradition that a written one. Women have only been able to be published under their given names for a couple of decades now. I have read that anonymous was a woman and it makes complete sense to me.

The United States of Shame

The United States of Shame

Real men don't rape

Real men don’t rape

Men often ask what women want. This is a huge subject but I will say here that we want a safer world to bring up our children and grandchildren. We want a healthy planet that will sustain us and future generations. We want to be accepted as equal and independent people despite our gender. We want a saner world. A world where young people go off and commit mass shootings doesn’t happen. We want a world where every woman is safe from abuse and rape. We don’t want to be the brunt of sexual innuendoes and jokes.

No more Rape Culture

No more Rape Culture

Raise the kind of man who will respect and treat a woman as an equal.

Raise the kind of man who will respect and treat a woman as an equal.


“My hazard wouldn’t be yours, not ever,
But every doom, like a hazelnut, comes down
To its own worm. So I am rocking here
Like any granny with her apron over her head
Saying, lordy me. It’s my trouble.
There’s nothing to be learned this way.
If I heard a girl crying help
I would go to save her;
But you hardly ever hear those words.
Dear children, you must try to say
Something when you are in need.
Don’t confuse hunger with greed;
And don’t wait until you are dead.”
—-Ruth Stone

We must stop revictimizing the victim

We must stop revictimizing the victim


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