Ending the Year with Peace







It is officially New Year’s Eve. I am wishing all of us and all of the world a 2015 filled with light, love and peace for all. May Justice reign and suffering end. Thank you all for following me and reading me these past 2 1/2 years. It may be virtual but your friendship is a joy and a pleasure in my life. You have enriched my heart and soul and I am grateful. Your friend and a really good hugger, Barbara

Bringing Purpose to the Journey


Steady the course

Life goes on – even after the adventure is gone.  We must not forget the importance of living fully, of keeping the excitement of life.  If it seems that your life has none, then it is your quest to find it and live it and share it.

I find, at twilight, that I experience that unique second, the moment that you recognize your complete and utter solitude and your deep and abiding connection to the universe.  The feeling keeps me connected to the adventure of life and to the universe, and readies me to share my journey.

The journey through our days is often long, and sometimes seems too solitary, but you will meet the people you need in your life as you walk on the road.  Open yourself to them, and let them open to you, and you will find adventure in the knowing of one another, and share the adventure of each morning, each evening and each lovely twilight as you walk side by side.


Some parts of the journey we walk alone and feel alone, but we are never really alone Photograph copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013