We are connected to the Universe

Quantum Physics is proving that many of the basic spiritual beliefs are true. I suppose that is why I love it so much. This is a video from a different perspective. It was compiled by astronauts who have been to outer space. Their revelations and the effect of what they discovered has changed their outlook. We are children of the Universe and we are connected to Mother Earth. We are all One, interconnected and dependent upon our planet as she is on us. In this video you will see a lot of what the astronauts saw on their virgin flight to space. It changed them. Change is what we need to do for ourselves and our beautiful planet. She is alive, breathing, feeling pain, moving and sustaining us.

I remember the moon landing and going outside and looking up at that beautiful orb and thinking that there was one tiny man walking up there. He was having the most magical experience of his life. I found it humbling and still do. The magic of the Universe is always there, beautiful, amazing, overwhelming and real. We are real. We are star dust. It is my hope that everyone will enjoy this video as much as the astronauts did who made it. Blessings to everyone around our Mother Earth. May we always love and care for her.

Ghandi and the concept of passive resistence

The  women who got us the vote

The women who got us the vote

A hundred years ago, women banned together to fight for women to have the right to vote. It was a huge triumph. Because women weren’t allowed to have their own money or time. They did have children to raise and houses to clean, laundry to do and meals to prepare. But they accomplished the huge act of getting us the vote. There was no violence. They did it with speaking up and out and without violence. I think they may have thought about it, but followed in Gandhi’s footsteps. Gandhi taught passive resistance. He led India in their fight for independence from England.

Today, Bobby Kennedy’s son,  JFK’s nephew, used the concept of passive resistance. RFK JR and actress Darryl Hannaah and others cuffed themselves to the White House fence. They were protesting on the behalf of the climate and Mother Earth. This is what the Suffragettes did to turn the tide of opinion, opinion about women having the vote.

Today they were specifically protesting The KeyStone Pipeline. They were passively protesting what the Pipeline would do to our environment.  And they went to jail. It is time for us to finally admit that we have to clean up the air and be responsible adults and children of the Universe.

We must not injure our environment any more than we already have.

We must not injure our environment any more than we already have.

We must stop destroying our planet for money, for greed and with a disregard for future generations. We must realize that this is the only planet we have or will have. It is illogical to destroy exactly what is keeping us alive. So if you haven’t heard about the arrest, check it out. Think about what you have to lose and, without violence, stand up and resist injuring Mother Earth anymore than we already have.