We are connected to the Universe

Quantum Physics is proving that many of the basic spiritual beliefs are true. I suppose that is why I love it so much. This is a video from a different perspective. It was compiled by astronauts who have been to outer space. Their revelations and the effect of what they discovered has changed their outlook. We are children of the Universe and we are connected to Mother Earth. We are all One, interconnected and dependent upon our planet as she is on us. In this video you will see a lot of what the astronauts saw on their virgin flight to space. It changed them. Change is what we need to do for ourselves and our beautiful planet. She is alive, breathing, feeling pain, moving and sustaining us.

I remember the moon landing and going outside and looking up at that beautiful orb and thinking that there was one tiny man walking up there. He was having the most magical experience of his life. I found it humbling and still do. The magic of the Universe is always there, beautiful, amazing, overwhelming and real. We are real. We are star dust. It is my hope that everyone will enjoy this video as much as the astronauts did who made it. Blessings to everyone around our Mother Earth. May we always love and care for her.

8 thoughts on “We are connected to the Universe

  1. I remember seeing Haley’s Comet when I was a pre-teen – cool experience. I think there is more to it than we can know or even imagine. Great Post – Happy Friday:)

  2. Great post, thank you…many blessings to you, and happy weekend!

  3. Outer space is an awesome and wonderful place…look to it and you cannot fail to be changed inside…it is infinite and beautiful, daunting and amazing…we are indeed all stardust!

    Wishing you a beautiful and awesome weekend 🙂

  4. Alex Jones says:

    Quantum Mechanics has blurred the boundaries between science and metaphysics to the point they are now one.

  5. One of the reasons I love being here at this time is just this – that science is proving what we have known in our hearts for so long. It truly is a magical time to be here, in so many ways. And as we learn and confirm our being one, let’s expand that into so much of what you write about – caring for one another, for Mother Earth – standing up for the vulnerable – being present and aware. NamastĂ©

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