Ways to Oppose Trump





While we have been dealing with Trump’s election, some great ideas on how to oppose/resist Trump have been delivered. I hope you will select a way to resist that fits you and your life. Not all of us can do everything but most of us can pick one or two ways to resist.




                   The American Civil Liberties Union, working for                                                         all Americans

                                       Using the law to protect Muslims, blacks, the disabled, Women, the poor, the victimized                                                                                              and the targets of hate crimes.




                                                                     By the way, the war on women never ended

Voting is your right. Don't let the government take it away. Fight to vote.

Non-violent protesting and marches are very effective.



                                                                                     Work to end racism


Our actions matter

Our actions matter

3 thoughts on “Ways to Oppose Trump

  1. All great suggestions.

  2. We need to respect our new president and come together, to heal our broken nation. Bust up the socialist, judicial cabal. We are a nation, now, so divided. Let’s pray for our leaders and our nation.

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