Seeing Eye Sister – A guest blog

Hi, all

Our dear Rebel had the first of her cataracts removed today, and is resting her eyes.

The procedure went exceedingly well (once we got there, 1/2 an hour late, due to a bad accident on the highway on the way — we were not involved, just stuck behind it!) and she is resting her eyes.

Tomorrow, we see the surgeon for a quick follow-up and to schedule the other eye.

It may be a few days before she feels up to staring a computer screen, but all is well.

Just think how much more beautiful her pictures will be, when she can actually see properly!

I have been instructed to tell you all something funny.

All I know is that, since the procedure, she’s not hearing so well. She tells me, “they fixed my eye, and it affected my ears.”

Oh, and she’s lying on the bed a few feet away talking to herself. She thinks. (Seriously, I asked what she said, and she said, “I’m not talking to you.” Well, who are you talking to? “Me. I think.”) Could be a fun night!

Best regards,

The Sister