All God’s Creatures

With the campaign for US President, and everything else that’s happening in the US and around the world today, it’s easy to forget about Mother Earth.

We continue to violate Mother Earth, on a daily basis, and some of here most wonderful creatures, such as Kamok, in the video below, are now endanger of becoming extinct.

Elephants continue to be killed for their ivory tusks, which is so senseless and cruel.  Rhinoceroses are being killed for their horns.  Poachers take their trophies and leave the bodies to rot as they carry off their spoils from the hunt.

We cannot continue to rape and pollute our planet and not expect to lose many wonderful creatures and, eventually, ourselves as our planet becomes less and less habitable.

Wild animals, like children, are part of our rich inheritance from our ancestors and we are not doing a good job of taking care of either.

Children are hungry, children are homeless, children are illiterate and unloved.

Baby Kamok lost her herd and her mommy due to a physical condition, but luckily for her — and for us — there are people who care, who took her in, and healed her and protected her from predators.

We can do no less for our own children, for ALL the children who live on Mother Earth, because we are all one race — the human race — and all children are ours.

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child and elephant