Amazing Blogger: Aengelheart!

So beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as you. Hugs, Barbara


Hey everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine.

He is fairly new on WordPress, so go and say hi! 🙂 (seriously, GO!)


Aengelheart —>

He is a writer too and currently working on his first novel.

A little about Aengelheart:

Aengelheart the author or better known as Egon Daniel Engelhardt was born on the 8th of April 1987, and lives in The Hague Holland.
Ever since he was a small child  Egon knew he was different, whilst boys of his age where interested in becoming a police officer or where busy with cars.
He always was doing something different.
But it was not until the 5th grade until his 5th grade teacher went home on sick leave due to him getting a hernia.
What transpired after that would plant the early seed of him wanting to become a writer.
What changed you ask?
Well the fact…

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One thought on “Amazing Blogger: Aengelheart!

  1. racerrodig says:

    Hello !! from New Jersey USA……….racerrodig here and I frequent this and a few other blogs here. If you send me your blog topics I’d love to stay in touch and chime in.

    They may warn you, however that I’m that one guy who pulls no punches when it comes to those racists and their ilk. I love to turn their own words 180 degrees around and spank ’em with them.

    Peace, Love from me & mine and Merry Christmas.

    P.S. these girls who blog here are the best !!

    Take care and the best to you !!!!! racer

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