MilitantNegro SoapBox™: What Is AmeriKKKa…Exactly?

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The Militant Negro™

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Jueseppi B


When racists caucasians say they want to “take America back’ what they actually mean is they want a simpler time when Negroes were in chains and Native Americans were on reservations after being slaughtered into submission. They mean they want the good old days to return when women were barefoot, pregnant and seen but not voting. 

They mean they want a lily caucasian AmeriKKKlan where Negroes sat in the back of the bus and were lynched for looking at caucasian women. They mean they want the time in history to return when law enforcement was about hunting down run away slaves and returning them to slave owners, dead or alive. What they mean is they want the days of old to reappear when cops were all about siccing dogs on humans who marched for basic human rights.

This is how racism is started, by parents…

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