Trafalgar Square and Street Artists

Awesome. Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you, Barbara

Freed From Time

Street Art Face at Trafalgar Square

Even on a grey November day there is something to see. The eyes in this drawing are worth a second look.

Yoda at Trafalgar Square copy

Bubbles at Trafalgar Square


Death and Bagpipes at Trafalgar Square copy
Statue at Trafalgar Square

“They seek him here, they seek him there,  His clothes are loud, but never square.
It will make or break him so he’s got to buy the best, ‘Cause he’s a dedicated follower of fashion”.

Horse Skeleton at Trafalgar Square

This one has been here for a long time.
Lion at Trafalgar Square

There was an event on, so I couldn’t get a shot of the whole square. Here are some samples.Base Nelson's Column


Nelson's Column copy

Nelson’s column is 170 ft tall. In it’s time that was impressive.

As for what follows, sometimes it’s best not to ask.
Fingers at Trafalgar Square

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2 thoughts on “Trafalgar Square and Street Artists

  1. Fabulous! Wonderful art, old and new.

    • In Burlington, Vt they encourage sidewalk art. There is an entire section and it is so cool. I saw it on my honeymoon. He died in 95. I have pictures of the sidewalk art somewhere. Here but stored. Hugs, Barbara

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