Islam vs Militant Islam: An Open Discussion Request

My eyes shed tears last night that I couldn’t put into words. I was in shock and that dove that lives within me cried with me. I do not believe every Muslin is a Jihadist. Let me repeat that…every Muslim is not a Jihadist. Islam is a peaceful religion, but some of the people who practice it are violent and brutal. Not every Muslim is violent.


When Hitler came into power, Germany was not an aggressive country. Yet, over the time of Hitler’s reign, Germans who had never nor would ever murder another person practiced torture, starvation and led millions of Jews to the death camps. Actually, Poles, Jews and Roma or Gypsies.


Human beings are like a coin. There is good and bad in all of us. Some are good and some have enough bad in them that certain circumstances trigger the evil they are capable of committing.


It took a World War to stop Hitler and I fear what it will take to stop all the Jihadists, no matter which violent group they belong to. The civilization we have created ourselves is in danger. For example the ISIS people are destroying antiquities. People’s behavior is disintegrating and becoming more barbaric. Jihadists want us to return to the Middle Ages and that can’t and won’t happen.


Personally, I believe in peace and I always will. I think that without peace there will not only be a regression to the Middle Ages but we will completely destroy ourself and Mother Earth. There are many things we can give up, can do with out; peace and our planet are not amongst them.  Peace must reign and must last as long as our world lasts.

I hope you all will take what I have written and the video below and that we can have a calm discussion about it. We need to share ideas and talk about what we feel in our souls. So please, wherever you are take a few moments and respectfully share what you think and feel with others. You may not agree with the opinions of others, but if we are all respectful and listen calmly, this is a safe place to share all views.


Barbara, the Idealisticrebel.