Our Place in the Universe

The American Museum of Natural History, in association with the Hayden Planetarium and the Rubin Museum of Art, has created a Digital Universe – a beautifully rendered graphic representation of the Universe as we have so far been able to discover it.


Watching this video made me think about all the things that divide human beings on Earth, and how truly petty they are.  We are fighting wars and killing our planet, and we think that we have so much power; but when you compare us to the brilliance, the ordered chaos, the sheer beauty of the Universe and other Universes, the greediness, the hatred, the lack of compassion and lack of respect for life and the planet is so unimportant.
We are made of stardust.  We are all as beautiful as the stars in any Universe.












The sun in our Universe

The sun in our Universe



Our solar system

Our solar system

One thought on “Our Place in the Universe

  1. How beautiful is your soul!

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