Facebook Takes a Step Forward

Facebook is synonymous with social media. Most men and women either love Facebook or they hate it. I am conflicted on the subject. It is assistance in my life and yet it sometimes makes me crazy. Too many changes. LOL


Well, Facebook has really put themselves at the head of the pack recently. They have taken a step out of the pack in Silicon Valley. Facebook has not rolled out a way to make use easier or more fun. It has announced a new policy to raise wages.


All Facebook contractors are now required to pay U.S. employees a 15 minimum wage. In addition, they must provide employees 15 paid sick days/holidays. And beyond that employees who become new parents and don’t receive parental leave; will receive a $4000 bonus.


The policy applies to large contractors immediately. Within a year, there will be a broader number of contractors who will have to fulfil these requirements. This broader group will include U.S. based companies doing substantial work for Facebook. They will have to employ more than 25 employees. This is not a suggestion but a requirement; a new policy.


This is a huge step forward for low-wage workers, especially women. Women make up two-thirds of minimum wage workers nationally. Women stand to gain the most as these policies go into effect.


Facebook has already implemented some work-place policies and other companies are looking towards Facebook as a leader in fair wages. The movement is to correct “unconscious bias” towards women and people of color in the workplace.


According to a report in Forbes, full time Facebook employees receive health insurance, four months of paid parental leave, the $4000 bonus and subsidized day care, as well as free meals and services such as on-site laundry.


Far stronger requirements were announced by Facebook in May and include 11 paid holidays, up to five weeks paid vacation, and base wages up to  $28.50 per hour within the first three years of employment.


Now in fairness, California will begin to publish a list of employers that have more than 100 employees on Medicare. I think this is fantastic. Because America has always needed a way to make employers care about the health and welfare of their employees.


Google has also made changes this year. Earlier this year, Google has raised the wage of some of its contracted service workers to minimum wage of $15 an hour and subsidized health  insurance. Not quite to the standard Facebook has set, but it is a beginning. It is a beginning low wage workers desperately need. So I am giving Facebook a like for this move.


I hope that all of Silicon Valley follows suit and then other areas of business will follow in their footsteps. It is a decent beginning for American women and men.












What higher minimum wages really mean

8 thoughts on “Facebook Takes a Step Forward

  1. About time.. Love to you barbara x

  2. It’s good to see that some high profile companies are doing this. CA has always been on the forefront for change – most of it progress. All it takes is someone to start, and then more should follow.

  3. Wow, that is impressive. Now may many others follow suit.

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