Greek government’s Hitler propaganda video

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This video is called Hitler’s Women – Leni Riefenstahl – Part 1.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Clip of 1936 Berlin Olympics in new Greek tourism film ‘an oversight’

Critics deplore Leni Riefenstahl footage of Hitler games in promotional video – as ministry stresses mistake should not detract from Greek tourism success

Helena Smith in Athens

Thursday 6 November 2014 18.24 GMT

The Greek government has been forced to withdraw a tourism video unveiled in London this week because it contained footage of the infamous 1936 Olympics held in Berlin under Hitler.

The offending clip, which depicted the torch lighting ceremony at the controversial pre-war games, would be “removed immediately” officials said, after being alerted to the gaffe by the Guardian. By last night the video had been taken down from YouTube.

“This was a commemorative video marking 100 years of the Greek tourism organisation, that was…

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