Election Eve



Hello to all of my readers. Do you know what today is? It is Election Eve. I know (for those in America anyway ) you are over all of the ads. Even worse the dirty commercials. Could that person have possibility have done that? What do I really think? My husband doesn’t agree with who I want to be our Governor. My best friend says I am completely wrong in my ideas. My kids think I don’t understand politics. Maybe I should just skip voting. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I have several things I can do at the house. What should I do? Should I vote?


Ladies, this is an important election for us. Yes, there is a war on women. The GOP want us back in the home and they want us more restricted than we are now. Does that sound familiar? Perhaps you have heard it on the news from the Middle East. There are so many issues at stake, so many programs to help people that hang in the balance. The condition of our society depends on everyone voting. Our children’s education, your parents’ ability to receive good medical care, the ability to feed our children and keep a roof over their heads. We need to remember that Americans all live in one country. We look different but we have the same basic human needs.  Despite economic conditions, if you flip burgers to support your children you are as important as the person who owns his/ her own company.


If you are an American man or woman, you have the right to vote. With that right that was granted to men by the Founding Fathers, and the feminist Suffragettes earned for us, comes a responsibility to use it. If you don’t vote you have no right to whine, complain, grouse or say negative things about who is elected. If you vote, then you can always say what you feel. It is your right. I have met many people who love to tell whoever will listen what is wrong with government. Inevitably, I ask if they voted. 90% of the time they have not.


You can research candidates with the League of Women Voters and in your local newspapers. It takes time, but not that much when you consider what is at stake. Take your state ID or Driver’s License with you in case you need to prove who you are. Don’t let poll workers prevent you from voting. It is your right and your vote is needed. Of all the democracies in the world, we have the lowest percentage of voter turnout. Right now, there are people who would give anything to have the right to vote.


Your vote is your voice. Your vote is your message to our leaders of what you want and it is really the only way they will hear you.  So vote and let them know what you want. Let them know what you think America needs. VOTE!








A very good question.

A very good question.



The Suffragettes earned us the right to vote.

The Suffragettes earned us the right to vote.




Get out and Vote tomorrow. You can make a difference.

Get out and Vote tomorrow. You can make a difference.




Equality in our lives

12 thoughts on “Election Eve

  1. If I wasn’t already convinced that I was going to vote, this would have made me do it!! Thank you!

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Whoever pays the most wins. Sorry to say.. We have the best government money can buy…

    • Yes, but the people can change it and we have historically done it before and we will continue the fight. The Founding Fathers set this country up as an experiment. So we can tweak it when it is needed. Hugs, Barbara

  3. Rajagopal says:

    barbara , you are doing just the right thing as a senior citizen by posting this blog to urge american women and men to the polling station . is the bounden duty of every citizen to exercise his franchise in a democracy . we have the same nay sayers in india , refraining from voting and passing remarks like my vote is not going to make a difference , the guys who spend dollops of money will win or whichever party comes to power , things will remain unchanged for the common man etc ; since the election day is a holiday to enable people to vote , these nay sayers are the first ones to avail of the holiday to hit the nearest picnic spot and then keep whining about the powers that be in social circles , when these folks have no right to comment . there is nothing like a foolproof system ; so , for all its flaws , democracy is still the best form of government that we can have . have a great election dear barbara and america….raj

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It is hard to get people out. Women didn’t turn out yesterday. White men turned out the best and people of color didn’t come out to vote in large enough numbers. But we try. And I believe in democracy. So we don’t give up. I don’t know how to do that. Hugs, Barbara

  4. Rajagopal says:

    pl read second line as “…..it is the bounden duty….”.

  5. Hi Barbara, I like the changes you’ve made to your site. I also like your idea of tagging things or categorizing them either Rebel Posts or IddealisticRebel Recommends, but the tag options are way, way down on the margin, below tons of awards, so it took me forever to find them. I’m unlikely to try to find them again because it took too long. Just thought you might like the feedback. Warmly, Brenda

  6. RoSy says:

    I voted!
    Such disappointing outcomes though…

    • I am so glad you did. Ironically, though there is a lot going on the effects women and people of color, they didn’t come out to vote. I didn’t even turn the TV on. No news for me Wednesday or Thursday.I am back to normal today. American voter turn out is so low compared to other democracies. So what have you been up to? Hugs, Barbara

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