I’m an atheist- please don’t try to “save” me

Commentary of Juliannabbey

I’m an atheist; have been since I was 7. It wasn’t that I wasn’t ever exposed to religion, I was baptized and when to a Catholic school for a few years. Why don’t I believe? The short answer is science, and I don’t feel any need to explain myself anymore.

I don’t hate people who are religious. I have nothing against someone wanting to practice their religion, that use religion to have a sense of purpose, and to give them a moral code to abide by. I don’t appreciate people assuming that because I’m an atheist that I’m a bad person, that feel the need to interrogate me about my beliefs… to save me. While I don’t believe in heaven or hell, I still understand that for someone who does, telling me I’m going to burn in hell if I don’t accept Jesus as my lord and savior, is a…

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