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I’ve been thinking about the weekend shootings in Chicago. People get shot in Chicago. People get upset when there are shootings or stabbings or murders. Justifiably so. It’s a horrible and unacceptable occurrence. It’s wrong and no one should have to live under those conditions.

However, women are raped, beaten and murdered EVERY SINGLE DAY. A woman is raped approximately every 2 minutes…beaten as often. Women are tortured, kidnapped, and murdered everyday. So, a few people getting shot over a weekend and a couple of people dying doesn’t seem like such a terrible statistic. The people in charge of the statistics say that rape is mostly unreported. So these stats are just the tip of the iceberg.

If we had a wall for beaten, raped, abused women, like the one for Viet Nam vets, sculptors would have to work on it 24 hours a day and it would never end.

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