Healing the Pain

writing to freedom

Healing the Painpoetry, healing, letting go

Pain invades my mind and heart

locked inside with patterns of thinking and doing

no room to grow, no room to heal

it must be time to let go

this death grip around my heart

welcome the pain

make friends with the losses

be willing to open and grow


finding new insights and gifts

it is time to move on

letting go of these old ways

no more grasping, fighting and resisting life

time for peace and love to rule the night

thank you pain, I lovingly release you into the light


I’m still working on this as I continue job hunting, soul searching and keeping my spirits up. Thankfully, I have the peace and beauty of nature to soothe my soul. The photo above was taken last year at Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas. Blessings, Brad

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3 thoughts on “Healing the Pain

  1. Hi idealistrebel. Thanks for sharing this post with your community. I hope it serves to ease the suffering and shed some light on the path for others. Blessings, Brad

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