A Passover Surprise (by guest blogger)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young (at heart) princess called the Idealistic Rebel. She loved to blog and she loved the Spring and she loved her family and the holidays of her beliefs, so when Spring came and Passover came with it, she promised her loyal friends in the Blogosphere a surprise, and took herself and her trusty sidekick,  far away to visit their family.

They celebrated Passover with their friends and loved ones, and had a lovely time!

The Idealistic Rebel went to sleep in a borrowed princess bed, way up at the top of the treehouse where her family lived, and slept well and long. Then, in the morning, a little sprite came up to the top of the treehouse and tempted the princess with a special breakfast of Fried Matzos. The trusty sidekick had warned against this concoction — “don’t let the exotic name fool you. It’s just fried drywall, that’s what it tastes like!” but the princess was, after all, both idealistic and a rebel and not one for taking advice, so she started to climb down the tree, using the carpeted path that others had used many times before.

And this is what happened to her:

And the moral of our story is:

Don’t promise your readers a surprise before you take a trip, or the Universe may surprise YOU with a trip!

Your Rebel will return as soon as possible to further enlighten, entertain and beautify your world.

10 thoughts on “A Passover Surprise (by guest blogger)

  1. […] A Passover Surprise (by guest blogger). […]

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    😆 OUCH 😉

  3. Jueseppi B. says:

    What was/is the surprise???????

  4. oh no! No more skipping down the steps for you – for a while. Take care, heal well.

  5. RoSy says:

    Oh no Princess Idealistic Rebel! Hope your Fairy Godmother can work some magic for a fast recovery. Take it easy…

  6. Alex Jones says:

    The universe has a dark sense of humour. Be well soon.

  7. pujakins says:

    Be blessed with quick recovery and take your medicine for it!!! Comfrey wraps are helpful, shiatsu is also, and by all means, take homeopathic arnica freely! Love and Blessings and best wishes, Tasha

  8. Oh No! – sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

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