Reach up to the Sky

Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2017

Reach up to the Sky

The sky was Carolina Blue

Sun rays chase

butterflies and bees

Wind sweeps mountains and forests

Wind dances and flutters

through the trees

Carrying Nature’s fragrance

to the bees.

Off to see the Gorge and Falls

Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2017

Can’t grasp the Beauty

all at once

Mountains, virgin forests,

gorge, clean air

Lens to eye – must capture it

Mountains, forests,

Lush greenery.

Hawks sail over gorge

Riding wind

Fresh water flowing

Amongst the boulders

Deer drinking – listening…

listening to humans

Far away


Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2017

Picturesque, tumbling

Flowing over rock

Hush…hear the water

in its journey

along to the

next falls

Sun warms skin – insects buzz on trail

Stop along the way

to put lens to eye

Many trees posing for



Feel the loving energy

Lift up arms to sky

Be one with all of Life…

Reach up and grab your

piece of the sky

Your piece of all that is

strong and good.

Reach up and respect all Life

We come from the same

Star dust

Reach up to the sky and

in gratitude bless

All the life

Around you.

copyright 2017 Barbara Mattio