Monotone acrylic still-life painting #2

Painting by Barbara Mattio

So the human race is on a journey. We walk along learning lessons, facing challenges, enjoying experiences, falling in love, and falling out of love. We work in our professions and we live very fast busy lives. We vacation and play racquetball. We visit the mountains and the beach. We attend theatre, opera, baseball games, and book clubs.


Each event in our lives moves us along the path of our lives. It isn’t a smooth path. Not at all like the people movers we use at airport terminals. There are hills and valleys. Change is always happening and sometimes we can control the changes. For instance, we come to a fork in the road, and must choose which way to go. We are always choosing our path because even no choice is a choice. We look at the fork and try to peer down the path as far as you can see. Which one? Which one is the one for me. Which one is the one I need or want. Could they both be wrong? One path looks as if  it has been used more frequently. Is this something we should consider? A very good question. The lesser path often holds the answer to our deepest needs.


If we stop and still life, it will continue to flow around us. People will detour around us and they will be busy living. The journey is the flow of  life. If we opt out and stand still, are we really living? Are we embracing life or hiding from the rich vibrant experience of our lives. It can be a scary world and a violent world. The option is to stand still in our lives and miss out on the beauty of this gift we have been given from the Universe. Life is a beautiful gift but it can be really harsh. It can break our hearts as well as giving us such joy and contentment. There are times when standing still appears to be all we can do, but pluck up the courage and embrace this amazing gift and live it. Live it with gusto and know that we never walk alone. We carry Divinity within us during our entire journey and that is the ribbon on the gift. So, as we sort out the events and emotions we experience along the road of our journey, live, walk. Just don’t be still in life.