Surprises in the Universe

Puffed up planet’ orbiting small star discovered by Australian astronomers


Australian astronomers have discovered a strange exoplanet orbiting a small cool star — HATS-6 — 500 light years away.

(CNN)A huge “puffed up” planet “too big for its star” some 500 light years from Earth has been discovered by Australian researchers — with the help of a backyard astronomer.

The planet’s size in relation to the star it orbits challenges theories about how planets are formed, researchers from the Australian National University said.

“We have found a small star with a giant planet the size of Jupiter orbiting very closely,” said George Zhou from the Research School of Astrophysics and Astronomy.

“It must have formed further out and migrated in, but our theories can’t explain how this happened.”

Astronomers believe that planets are created from a “disc” of dust and gas around stars, Zhou told CNN.

“We think that planets are the leftovers of star formations,” he said.

But he said the star — HATS-6 –was almost too small for it to have any leftovers and the discovery of a planet — named HATS-6b — raised questions about how large a disk could form around a star relative to its size.

“HATS-6 is one of the lowest mass stars known to host a close-in gas giant planet,” the team of researchers said in a study published in “The Astronomical Journal.”

HATS-6b orbits its star every 3.3 days, researchers said.

Astronomers first got an indication of the planet’s existence when they noticed that light from HATS-6 dimmed, — suggesting that a planet was passing between the star and Earth.

To confirm the transit signal, they went to of the world’s biggest telescopes — Chile’s Magellan Telescope — and a backyard astronomer in the northern city of Perth, T.G Tan.

Zhou said that the amateur astronomer had been really helpful. “He was able to catch the transit of the planet from Perth, after it had set over our horizon,” Zhou said.

He told CNN that the university — part of the HATSouth Exoplanet Survey — used telescopes to monitor hundreds of thousands of stars. With about a thousand planetary candidates they needed to enlist amateurs to monitor their transits.

“Amateurs have been getting ever more sophisticated,” Zhou said, with Tan a “near professional.”

‘He was able to help us actually confirm that this transit signal was not a blip. That was a massive contribution from him.”

Continuous observation

The HatSouth project is an international collaboration between the Australian National University, Princeton University, the Max Planck Institut fur Astronomie and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

“We have a series of small telescopes spread around the world — in Namibia, New South Wales and Chile — we’re able to gather continuous observations of objects in the night sky. That’s how we’re discovering these planets.”

Zhou said the planet’s atmosphere would make an interesting study.

“The planet has a similar mass to Saturn, but its radius is similar to Jupiter, so it’s quite a puffed up planet. Because its host star is so cool it’s not heating the planet up so much, it’s very different from the planets we have observed so far,” he said.

“By having an atmosphere that’s puffed up it actually allows us to look through the atmosphere,” Zhou told CNN.

When starlight passed through the top atmosphere, astronomers would be able to look for absorption signals that revealed details of its composition, he said.

“Every element has its barcode — or spectrum. We want to break the light of HATS-6b into its rainbow of color, within that, there’s a barcode for absorption.”

Messages in Life

“Lift up a broken hand in prayer.
Allah’s perfect kindness is given away free
to all those who acknowledge their flaws.”

I think life is not perfect because The Beloved wants us to experience all of life. Even though Divinity is within us, we are free to make choices and need to accept responsibility for them. We create our reality around us as we send our thoughts and actions into the world. Thinking positive and peaceful thoughts help to create positive and peaceful energy. This energy can softly touch the life of others. In the same way, thoughts of hatred and violence radiate these emotions to all who come in contact with this person. You can literally feel these energies.

There is a book and also the DVD out called, “The Hidden Messages in Water.” The author is Masaru Emoto.I found this book to be so exciting when I read it that I also bought the DVD. Water is energy. All inanimate objects are molecules vibrating at different speeds and frequencies This is what makes a chair look like what we expect a chair to look like. It is why I look as I do and you, my readers look as you do.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were wars about oil. We all know that oil has brought down governments, ended the lives of soldiers in all countries. It is predicted that now, in the twenty-first century we will see wars for water. Water is life giving, and humans cannot live long without it. It is the element that makes up the largest part of the human body. Water is the basis of life and brings the energy of life. Water can carry many impurities and it requires work to purify it again.

Dr. Emoto using high-speed photography discovered that the crystals in water reveal changes in shapes. I mean that they responded to a word said to them. The book and DVD include photographs of these very changes happening. This research can create a new awareness of how we can, with our thoughts, positively impact the earth and our own personal health.

Dr. Emoto took photographs of frozen crystals for over a decade. Depending on what the water was exposed to, there was a change in the shape of the crystals. He spoke the words and the shape of the crystals changed. Another word would bring about another change.

“We start out life being 99% water, as fetuses. When we are born, we are 90% water, and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70% water. If we die of old age, we will probably be about 50% water. In other words, throughout our lives we exist mostly as water.”
—Excerpted from “The Hidden Messages in Water”

This study was done with tap water, pure natural water, and distilled water. As in all research of this magnitude, your heart and mind must be open to whatever is discovered. Preconceived notions will be lost or you will miss the amazing clues that will reveal themselves along the way.

In elementary school, we all learned how each snowflake is different in shape. Each is unique. My grandson’s kindergarten class all made paper snowflakes to decorate their room for the winter season. There have never been two snowflakes alike since the beginning of time.

Dr. Emoto decided to freeze individual drops of water and to look at them under a really super strong microscope. He discovered that words and and the energy of human consciousness had the ability to change to shape of individual drops of water.

The words were said in Japanese and English, and some other common languages were used also, such as French, German, Italian etc. Words such as ‘thank you” caused the crystal to be beautiful in shape and each shape was different in each language. They also tried words such as “You make me sick, Satan, Angel, you fool and many others. They showed water drops pictures of Mother Earth and played Beethoven for the drops. All caused a change in shape. Good words caused beautiful formations and bad words created a less attractive to absolute ugly patten in the drops of water.

This research and Quantum Physics are proving many truths that people have believed on faith and now there is proof. Our thoughts do have the power to change the world and we cause these changes. Some water resulted in grandly beautiful crystals, while others were deformed or nonexistent. In my opinion, this could be a reflection of the dark recesses of our souls.

Water crystals after names of seasons were spoken to them.

Left hand picture after “Angel” is said. Right hand is after “Satan” is said.