Peace is Possible in Our Everyday Lives

Working for Peace and Harmony in Our Time

Working for Peace and Harmony in Our Time

It is difficult to think about ending the strife and war in the entire world. But it is possible for each of us to live in the present moment every day.  There are countries building up munitions and creating super weapons. It is difficult to handle all of this and believe in the goodness and love of people.

What we can’t do is to live in the past, no matter what happened then, nothing can make it better. The events of the past must remain there or you will be living in the hurt and pain and perhaps even looking for revenge. We must let go. We must walk away from the past and then it looses its power over us. Then we can make our lives be what we wish them to be. The future is a siren who calls us, but it never arrives. Its song is enticing but futile. What we can do is live in the moment and help others to live in the moment.

The present is the beginning of peace. All around the world are people who have lived under oppression, have witnessed horrors, lost parents to violence, survived malnutrition or lived in refugee camps where they know they really aren’t wanted. They have watched friends killed in cold blood or seen a bomb destroy their home and all that they owned. The photos, their toys, their food and their hopes and dreams.

It is in the present that we can create our happiness. Each single moment, we have the opportunity to show by our actions that you love others. That what they are experiencing at that moment, matters to you. That they are not alone and someone cares that they are struggling in that moment.

We all have the right to be happy and peaceful. We have been created for this and happiness and peace only comes when we are in love with God. When you do an act which brings happiness to another, you create peace within yourself. Peace and joy pours into our hearts and we have more to give to the next person we come in contact with as we go about our lives.

We must all understand that happiness and joy come to us and so does suffering. Facing the suffering is not ever easy. It can make you feel as if you were being torn apart. Have we done something to deserve suffering. I don’t believe so. I believe that if we never suffer, we can’t understand another’s pain. We can’t appreciate the joy, love, peace and happiness that comes with the suffering. When someone has not ever suffered, they are only experiencing part of life. We are here to live life to its fullest.

If I suffer, then I can understand another’s pain, hunger or fear. If I love them with all the love I have and then love them some more, then I will be filled with more love. The qualification is that love is given without expecting anything in return.

“Knowledge of yourself produces humility, and knowledge of God produces love.”   —-Mother Teresa

It isn’t how much we do to help others, it is how much love accompanies our acts of assistance that really counts. If you give to a charity because you need a tax deduction, it won’t have the energy of your love. It will help but not in the same way. Perform acts of kindness with love and they will lead us to peace.

Peace Plea

Please, protect my children and family.

Please protect the children of other Mothers.

Please give peace to other parents.

Please give this beautiful world peace. 

Only you can give this peace to the world.

–Barbara Mattio


Summer Escapades

Photograph by Barbara Mattio

The best part of summer is the ability to just be. To be in the present moment. The past is gone. For better or worse, you never can get it back and you must let it go. This is not always easy for people to do. Letting go can be frightening. Often we don’t want to let the good memories fade, or sometimes, the pain of some times in our life doesn’t heal. It takes effort on our part to let go and trust that it will be all right. You don’t lose the memories and they actually become more golden with the passing of the years. The pain will diminish and your heart will heal. Divinity is always with us and we never walk alone. Divinity is within our souls so what we experience, it experiences.

The future is an enticing siren. It sings its song to us and we want to know what is coming. We want answers about love, finances, travel or a job perhaps. The siren sings and we ache to know what is coming. The future is like Tinkerbell. She flits here and there but when you reach out for her she is gone between your fingers. The future or the fairy disappears because as soon as you come close to grasping it, the future turns into the present.

The present moment of time is where we exist in the now. The beauty you are experiencing at this exact second is the present. The fragrance you catch on the wind, the dragonfly that glides across your field of vision. Each moment is a priceless gift for us to use and enjoy. Some choose to spend some of these precious moments in hatred or violence. Some choose to use them to add beauty, acceptance and inclusiveness to the world.

If each of us took the moments we are given in a twenty-four hour period and used them to make someone smile, to laugh with a child, to reach out a hand, or to acknowledge the amazing blessings each moment brings with it, we could begin to have the energy to change the world. So, I am trying this summer to fill my present with escapades of joy and happiness. So pass it on and by autumn we will be able to harvest bushels of goodness in our lives.

Photography by Barbara Mattio