America’s Top High School Science Students are the Children of Immigrants

Regeneron Science Talent Search Society for Science & the Public2017 finalists
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America’s Top High School Science Students Are the Children of Immigrants

Mar 14, 2017

If the children of immigrants somehow disappeared from the U.S., America would suddenly be in a serious science talent deficit.

That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from a new report from the National Foundation for American Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research on trade, immigration, and education.

The organization found that 33 of the 40 finalists of the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search–the leading science competition for U.S. high school students, run by the Society for Science & the Public and now known as the Regeneron Science Talent Search–were the children of immigrants. Specifically, 30 out of the 40 finalists had parents who worked in America on H-1B visas, the option that is no longer available for expedited processing due to a recent policy change from the Trump administration.

“The science competition has been called the ‘Junior Nobel Prize,'” the Foundation says. “These outstanding children of immigrants would never have been in America if their parents had not been allowed into the U.S.”

Their ranks have been steadily increasing since 2004, the Foundation showed.

Here were the countries of origins for the 2016 finalists’ parents: India was No. 1 at 14, followed by China at No. 11.

And of the nine winners of the 2016 competition, seven were the children of immigrants.

How to Truly Make America Great Again

Many people are calling for us to give Trump a chance; to not condemn him for what he said on the campaign trail, and for what he’s done since he won the election:  for the Twitter rants and for the nominations he’s made, appointing people who seem both unqualified for the office assigned, and who in many cases have long espoused views in direct contradiction to the roles of the departments they have been proposed to head.

But I, and many others, cannot overlook either his words or his actions. For so many of us it is not about politics, as some have suggested; it is about what his administration brings to our country. The misogyny, the racism, the discrimination of immigrants (Muslims and others), anti-semitic views, and the general bigotry he prescribes to. We are one country, but if we descend into hating people we go against the very principles that our Founding Fathers crafted in our great constitution.

If we don’t take a stand to protect others in our country, we will lose the fundamental precepts that we were founded upon. That is why many of us are resisting Trump, his views and words go against all we believe in. To care about others and to act on that care is vital to what our democracy stands for and what the Founding Fathers dreamed of.

In reality, hate crimes have gone up since the election, synagogues are being threatened,the poor are being disparaged, the disabled are being mocked, immigrants are being threatened (the country was founded by Europeans and they killed the indigenous people which makes us great hypocrites). Immigrants are the richness that has fed America through the centuries. They brought to America their skills, dreams and hard work and are part of the reason America is great.

Yes, I realize that this isn’t what Trump says, but based upon my beliefs and others, America is still great. America gives everyone the ability to dream and work hard and move up in our society. America, because of the influence of many immigrants, is still the place that you can work to make yourself rise above where you were born in the social structure of your country of their birth. America is also the country where others care about your education, health, losses, accomplishments and ability to work for yourself and your family, The desire for our children to become more than what we are is paramount to the American dream.

America is not perfect. Hatred is a great deal of the reason why. For instance, because the Founding Fathers could not come to any type of a decision on slavery, they postponed that decision until a future generation would be able to come to a moral and ethical solution. We ended up freeing the slaves during the Civil War. Has America provided minorities equality and the same opportunities that white people have? No. The racism that stumped The Founding Fathers and that crippled the South for many years is still a problem.

As Americans, we must look at the bigotry, racism, and sexism that dwells within our hearts and souls. We need to be honest with ourselves, face it head on, and overcome the desire to blame others for what is not right in our lives. Black people, Jews, and women are not the reason you find your life lacking. They are not the reason you lost your job or don’t have health insurance, or don’t have the family you always dreamed of. But other caring Americans can help and give you support. Often, others can and would advise you, give you a hand, or just assist in ways you can determine.

America has never been perfect but we have continued to try. We haven’t tried hard enough and there are people whose lives can testify to that. Education, hard work and being honest with ourselves will take us to what we desire. By being responsible for all of our actions we negate the habit to blame others for our losses and disappointments.

America must realize that while we are great, we each need to love our fellow citizens despite their religion, color, gender, education level, and socio-economic place in our society. Only then we can rise together to fulfill our dreams and to make America the best it can possibly be.





Hundreds of immigrant children settle in U.S. southern border states

A woman lays pictures of missing Central American migrants during a march by mothers who are searching for their children, in Mexico City, Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015. The caravan of women, mostly from Central America, are traveling through Mexico to search for their relatives who left for a better life in the U.S. but disappeared. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

A new spike in unaccompanied Central American minors crossing into the United States is pushing federal officials to open shelters in Texas and California. About 800 immigrant children from Central America who have entered the United States illegally will be moved to two campsites in the Dallas area over the coming days, local officials said on Thursday. Incoming family groups are usually sent first to detention centers, and adult migrants are often jailed when they are apprehended, but children traveling alone need special treatment under federal law.

We didn’t feel like there was any way we could turn them away and not care for them. We have the beds that are empty and the food that can be served.

Reverend Rick DuBose, superintendent of the Assemblies of God of North Texas

Increasing gang violence is pushing people out of Central America, said Maureen Meyer, a senior associate for Mexico and migrant rights at the Washington Office on Latin America. More migrants are crossing the border, even as new checkpoints between Central America and the U.S. are turning thousands of people back, said Emilio Gonzalez Gonzalez, a political scientist and independent researcher in Mexico City. Rather than fleeing, many of the children seek out U.S. officials, surrender and request political asylum, citing violence and endemic crime in their home countries.



Young immigrants

A total of 10,588 unaccompanied children crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in October and November, more than double the 5,129 who crossed during the same two months last year, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

bjwordpressdivider As liberal as I am, I do not want undocumented people sneaking into our country. I guess this is my conservative trigger. I am from immigrant ancestors who came here to avoid Communism. They spoke English quite quickly after arriving and became citizens. They got jobs and even survived the Depression by taking care of each other. My grandmother would make soup from bones she had begged from the butcher. They lived in Cleveland and during the Depression my grandfather found a job in Chicago and sent money home for people to survive on. They cared, and they worked to help each other survive. We don’t really do that anymore. Some people might but not many. It is far easier to assist people to get back up on their feet than to go to war and then have to rebuild entire cities.
I am very glad that we are taking these children in. They are in so much danger from the drug cartels. I realize that this costs us money, but one of these children might find the cure for cancer. One might be the next Mozart. One might be a Monet. One might be the one who is able to lead us to peace.
May we live in peace with our neighbors and may we keep remembering that these are our sisters and brothers in the human family. All have something to give to enrich the world.
Wars cost trillions of dollars and we are sacrificing our sons and daughters on the alter of the warriors. War accomplishes nothing and peace brings about the peace we so badly need.
Barbara, the Idealistic Rebel