Blessing the day

As we walk through this life’s journey, we need to live in the present moment. As children of the Universe, we are part of Divinity and all of the Divine surrounds us.
In the rush of beginning each day, it is easy to forget this amazing experience we call life. Coffee perking, lunches packed, put gas in the car, early meeting, up last night with sick child. This is the beginning of many days.

What we can do is to take 3 minutes and breathe slowly, be present and be aware of the absolute connection with the Divine. Yes, it would be wonderful to meditate for a few minutes or say your morning prayers. In an ideal world, that happens every day. In the twenty-first century, in busy families that isn’t always easy and especially in the mornings. What can we do? Breathe and look around and see your grandmother’s antique china, the shiny face of your child, the new piece of art you produced or created. Then another 3 minutes to think about our Divine connection and how the blessings come. Looking for the blessings we haven’t noticed yet. When in a valley, trusting that we are not alone and that we are within the perfect order of the Universe. Okay, now put your make-up on and bless the day.


“So you shall love what is holy
with all your courage, with all your passion
with all your strength.
Let the words that have come down
shine in our words and our actions.
We must teach our children to know and understand them.
We must speak about what is good
and holy within our homes
when we are working, when we are at play,
when we lie down and when we get up.
Let the work of our hands speak of goodness.
Let it run in our blood
and glow from our doors and windows.

We should love ourselves, for we are of G-d.
We should love our neighbors as ourselves.
We should love the stranger, for we
were once strangers in the land of Egypt
and have been strangers in all the lands of the world since.
Let love fill our hearts with its clear precious water.
Heaven and earth observe how we cherish or spoil our world.

Heaven and earth watch whether we choose life or choose death.
We must choose life so our children’s children may live.
Be quiet and listen to the still small
voice within that speaks in love.
Open to that voice, hear it, heed it, and work for life.
Let us remember and strive to be good.
Let us remember to find what is holy within and without.”
—Marge Piercy

Monochrome acrylic still-life by Barbara Mattio

Monochrome acrylic Still-life by Barbara Mattio