Memories of the Run for the Roses

Thirty years ago, I used to meet friends at Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. We would regroup from around the country. Louisville was the site for annual reunion and the Derby was the reason. I have many wonderful memories of the Oaks which runs on Friday. We would all dress up and go to the club house. Saturday, was our day in the in-field. Guys would arrive around 6 am and lay out our blankets to “save our spaces”. Derby day is one of the best parties in the country. Cheers and mint juelips under a beautiful blue sky.

As I watched the run yesterday, I saw the hats, I could smell the air and remember all of the love and laughs. There is nothing like standing up against the fence and watching the horses run. Mud flies and horses fly by and you are part of that excitement. I am good at picking winners but I have never bet more than $2. Life has changed all of our lives but the run for the roses is still one of my best memories. Cheers everyone. Remember the good times, the love, the laughs, the friendships and the 2 minutes of one of the greatest races in the country.