Border Patrol prevents Journalist from reporting on Standing Rock

I’m a Journalist and Border Patrol Stopped Me From Covering Standing Rock





This is proof that America is being hypocritical about journalists and how they cover news stories such as Standing Rock. This will only get worse after Trump takes office. I am sure with as sensitive as he appears to be, he will be sure to limit what is covered in the press and on the TV. This is going to really challenge the First Amendment. We will have to really have keep our eyes on this. Let me know if you hear of any more incidences of censorship.




3 thoughts on “Border Patrol prevents Journalist from reporting on Standing Rock

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Reporters have been shot, others have been shot there. You know, I really am so concerned about the state of press freedom everywhere, but when press freedoms are manipulated in the US (which is the driver for protection laws elsewhere) it is bad. I’ve posted about this topic, especially bad it will get with Trump but I feel like the ‘too intense one’ in it all. I know I am not. Press freedom and protections (especially of sources) is vital to democracy. The FBI posed as the press in the recent past, this is another issue that destroys the integrity of the institution. Privacy act laws, gov/corp surveillance and press freedoms go hand in hand but when someone shouts ‘security’ it prioritizes everything starting with security. We are back way before the 1950’s with secret arrests and indefinite detention based on current law. This is scary times. And it will only get worse with Trump.

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