All Humans Need Equal Oportunity

Even if you don’t back Hillary, what she is saying is true. We need equality, tolerance and compassion for one another. We need to care when bad events happen in other people’s lives. We need to care that some of us work so hard and just can’t catch a break. It needs to matter. As our lives matter.


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The Way of Love

The way of love is not

a subtle argument.


The door there

is devastation.


Birds make great sky-circles

of their freedom.

How did they learn it?


They fall and falling,

they are given wings.

—Rumi, translated from the Persian by Coleman Barks



3 thoughts on “All Humans Need Equal Oportunity

  1. When I listen to some Donald Trump supporters, it scares me. I have to wonder, how many of them are in your American police services? And of that number, how many think the lives of people of colour don’t matter? If their killing of Blacks is based on fear, then I would expect more Black men to be killing White police officers than the other way around. It’s very scary to think that public servants are killing the very people they are sworn to protect. Didn’t anyone tell them that African-Americans are people they’re sworn to protect?

  2. The Poetry Channel says:

    I think that’s why people are clamoring for change. Sadly we believe the politicians who come from a fractious and divisive paradigm and are the least likely to deliver a positive change.

  3. Those who care can state it out loud, whilst those who don’t must wrap it in fabrications.

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