Personal Power






It is important to become more empowered in your life. We each need to find our personal power. The power to be who we really are and not what others have told is that we are.


First of all, we are all human. Some of our needs come from being human. They include feeling valued, appreciated, and to have a sense of belonging. There is no one on earth who deserves these attributes more than you. Each of you. Society has conditioned us to go, do, and be constantly active. We are busy going and doing. We do things but we aren’t being particularly productive. It is important for us all to slow down for our bodies, and to experience the Divinity around us. It is most important for us to realize and to be confident that we are never really alone.


Next, we need to stop worrying about what others think about you. They are responsible for their own thoughts and actions. You must be kind and fair to others, as it is always the right thing to do. If you have some unpleasant news to share with someone and you do it as compassionately as possible and they are upset; these are their issues and not a fault of how you told them the news. They may have suffered trauma in the past. The thing that often is overlooked is that each of us must “heal” ourselves and forgive situations or people who may have harmed or hurt us. We can’t take on another’s pain but we can be there for them and show support. Healing is hard work but it is worth it in the long run.


Thirdly, Honor your own inner wisdom. Stop always asking others for their opinion and your inner guidance will lead you to your highest good. Seeking professional advice is fine but don’t take advice from your circle of people. They won’t know what your highest good is. Each of us knows better what is best for ourselves better than any other person. Don’t give away your personal power. Be mindful of your own personal power and let others take care of theirs. By doing this, you will allow others to experience their own power. Each of us deserve to be happy!





It is how you see yourself.

It is how you see yourself.

6 thoughts on “Personal Power

  1. Thank you Barb for a well written and powerful message. It hits home for me and I must remember this for a mentally healthy future for myself.

  2. I have been working on these things for quite awhile. It has been like a major shift in my consciousness but I see the fruits of this laborious process and it appears worth it all. Thank you, Barbara!

  3. Wonderful message. Even as I absorb it, reading a second time I think to myself, remember this.

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