Life is Important

A few days ago, I posted a piece about ISIS deliberately impregnated a nine year old girl. This little girl experienced rape and trauma to her little body. Today, ISIS is surrounding another Iraqi city. I want to thank you all for your comments on my initial post. Please add your prayers to your comments.


There are many people in the world who have lost their respect for human life. All life is created by Divinity. All life, human or otherwise, is precious and does not deserve ill-treatment. Impregnating a woman or a girl is power and control. It is humiliating the female and wanting her family to shun her. This is a way to destroy the life of the female and to devastate her family. It also raises a new generation that would be damaged emotionally by the circumstances of their lives and families.


Now that ISIS is surrounding another Iraqi city, the city may collapse. If it does, there are thousands of lives at risk. Men and women captured and tortured and possibly killed as so many others have been. Women and girls raped or gang raped. Why? Because they are different, they call their God a different name.


Yet, down through history, the different names of a Divine Being have separated human beings from each other. These Divine Names are the reason for wars, atrocities, rapes, and mass murders. Hundreds of humans have died throughout the centuries because civilizations and countries have at times lost their respect for human life. WWII is one example. Millions of people were killed because of who they were but also because of who and what they weren’t.


For people to rape and impregnate children, there is a disconnect between their minds and their emotions. Many are psychopaths and feel no emotion. Not just people in ISIS but even some American citizens. The elderly have no use or meaning to these people and neither do women of any age. A world where life has no meaning is a terrifying and devastating place for us to be in.


Life is important. It has meaning that many don’t want to acknowledge. The meaning of life carries us to kindness, compassion, love and joy. These attributes carry us to peace. A lack of these attributes carries us to war. What is war good for?  NOTHING.

7 thoughts on “Life is Important

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That is one of the methods to try and destroy a culture and the U.S. has done similar things. My uncle said when they arrived on Okinawa that businessmen and virgins tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff into the surf below. When I was in Germany, my landlady invited me to come and have a good-bye get together at her place. Her grandmother was old and spoke no English so she translated. During that time grandma became slightly drunk and related her experience during the war. She (grandma) said soldiers came and she grabbed her granddaughter (the landlady) and hid behind bushes and weeds in a ditch while the soldiers raped and killed her daughter. She covered her granddaughter’s mouth so she could not be heard.

    I asked her, “Were those soldiers Russians?”

    The landlady answered, “No, they were American soldiers.”

    You could have blown me over with a feather. I felt so ashamed for what they did to her and her family. Grandma held a remembrance pillow close to her chest and wept. The pillow was for the son she lost and the sadness was overwhelming.

    My childhood was taken from me by one of my father’s drinking buddies on impulse. I was alone, asleep in my bed; my parents never locked our doors. I was garbage from there on out. My father married me off to the first guy that offered; it was as if I had no value. People say “just get over it,” but for me there is no getting over it. There are times where I feel like that 16-year-old girl and I want to sleep forever and never wake up.

    Rape is a horrible crime and people who do that should have their sex organs removed. Period. I have never been whole.

  2. Resa says:

    Your posts are all too realistic, mostly, but I love the way you stand up!!!!

  3. Thank You, Barbara, for this very worthwhile post.
    i wish western media would address two serious questions: who is funding ISIS and who is training ISIS?
    The answers are shocking

    Best Wishes


  4. Many of the victims of ISIL are Muslim, and call their god by the same name as ISIL does. The issue is the interpretation, and power, not necessarily religion itself. ISIL is following what is laid out literally in their canonical texts, and the vast majority of Muslims do not and would not, claiming such history is no longer justifiable nor necessary.
    ISIL is madness, using religion to justify their sickness. ISIL’s methods would gain them executions in traditional Shariah courts. Please do not say this is about Islam versus any other religion. Because ISIL is against traditional Sunni Islam, too, and even Saudi Arabia is terrified of them. The Al Saud are the strictest sort, more than Iran and closest to ISIL in ideology, but no. The Saudis are afraid of them, too.
    There is enough of Us vs. Them and ISIL is not a case of that. It is a madness riding the chariot of faith over other adherents, opposition, the vulnerable, anyone they want. No one is safe from them. No one.

  5. inavukic says:

    The “courage” or self-assured ISIS in their destruction show makes one wonder whether truly there is a mighty source of funding behind them. ISIS simply must be stopped in its tracks and war while it serves no purpose most of us would benefit from it served political survival of few…terrible

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