Inside a Batterer’s mind — and his victim’s soul

Hello, all.   I am fighting off what may be the flu right now, but I found this article on CNN. I wanted to share it with you, to give you another perspective on Domestic Violence.

As always, if you are being abused — physically, psychologically, emotionally, verbally or sexually — please seek help.  Every city in the United States, and most around the world have hotlines you can call.   In the US, the National Domestic Violence hotline is always available at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)





Peering inside a batterer’s mind — and his victim’s soul

16 thoughts on “Inside a Batterer’s mind — and his victim’s soul

  1. A truly powerful article. Sometimes the burden of living in our world overwhelms me a bit…take care of you….winter is tough on you.

  2. Jane Thorne says:

    What a powerful telling of reality. I wish you much better very soon Barbara. Here’s to a sparkly 2015 for you and your loved ones. Hugs Xx

  3. It is so pernicious! Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel better soon!

    • I am trying. Not allowed out if it is not above 25 degrees. I have asthma and it is triggered by the cold. I am moving to Asheville, NC this year or next. Thanks dear friend, Hugs, Barbara

  4. Linne says:

    A very moving article, Barbara. It would be good if women who are battered had classes in healthy relating, too. So many of us are dishonest, play games, are unaware of our own feelings and behaviours. And I’m not saying that anything excuses violence. It doesn’t. But we all need to become more aware of bow these things work, if that’s the word for it, and of how to make effective changes so we can all be happier. Or, that failing, both men and women need to learn when to get out. Not an easy part of life to negotiate, is it? Thanks for sharing this. It was food for much thought. ~ Linne

    And a Happy New Year to you. Too bad the cold affects you so much. NC should be much more fun! ~ L

    • Thank you for your caring about my health. The truth is after having my hands in Domestic Violence for 28 years, when someone is a batterer, nothing the other person can do will stop the violence. You can’t ever be ” good enough” in any way to stop the violence until you are dead or you have escaped. That is way shelters are so important and save lives. Stay warm. Hugs, Barbara

      • This is so true, Barbara, and a really important insight to share from your long experience with domestic violence. This article is powerful, especially in shining the light on “the less obvious, but insidious, means” of abuse … the emotional, mental, verbal, etc. that chip away, day by day. Thanks for sharing. Jamie

  5. Thanks for this informative article, Barbara. My daughter lived with her abusive husband for 25 years until she found the strength to divorce him. Not physically abusive, but just as bad with emotional and verbal. Hope you get to feeling better soon. BTW, NC gets some cold winter weather, too. And snow on occasion. FYI. 🙂

  6. D.G.Kaye says:

    Powerful post Barb. I shall spread it around. xo

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