what are we afraid of and who’s to blame?

the Hunt for Truth

Or…  Is having an ordinary life thought to mean it’s a meaningless life?

Its awkward and difficult when I’m put on the spot sometimes.

Getting past that was something of a triumph as I grew in my career; but that wasn’t all there was to it because somewhere along the line, I began to wonder too if vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.

This topic is deep. I had no idea just how much I’d learn by review of my life’s experience while listening to this one hour video — oh my!
Actually, I watched it twice.

Here’s one for you:

If someone said “What’s the difference between shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment?” would you be able to respond with the knowledge work — the knowing from your experiences what’s the difference — the crux of what’s the struggles from the lifelong learning?

Brené Brown
The Power of…

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2 thoughts on “what are we afraid of and who’s to blame?

  1. you found an oldie goody – this post is usually viewed from google searchers of others fromoutside wordpress… thanks for a re-blog

    Hugs… Barbara
    ~ Eric

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