The Way of the World

Cleveland skyland from Huntington Beach, west of the city.Photograph cpoyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Cleveland skyline from Huntington Beach, west of the city. Frozen Lake Erie.  Photograph copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

We are at a place in history where we have stood before. War, the worst of our mean, selfish, evil behaviour as human beings. Big countries start wars, small countries, a well aimed bullet ending the life of a king. Cultures will start wars. Religions start wars. Spirituality is different from religion, because spirituality is inclusive, not exclusive or demeaning to others who think differently, as many religions can be. Jihad is an excuse. The People of the Book love and follow the same God. Allah, Adonai, Christ – if you look at what they asked of the people of their world, it is similar. It is not supposed to take lives; lives that carry the exact same spark of Divinity. Now the people may suffer again under a new war and one that we may not survive.

We all feel the strong negative energy whirling around the world. We make sanctimonious noises about how good our country is, how right we are. Elsewhere, there is disease, famine, starvation, fear, Here, there is disease, fear, hunger, judgemental thinking, people say one thing and mean another. Trust is hard to find. People look at others and actually see a reflection of their inner selves. Mass shooting, mass stabbings, the ability to look away from the hungry child who can’t stay awake in school. We continue to look at children suffering as unfortunate. If we can, we look away or treat them like refuse which needs to be taken to the dump.

Love in the World

Love in the World

Every country in the world is experiencing pain, hunger, greed, oppression, in justice, hypocrisy, bullying, violence against women, racism and homophobia. It becomes a litany of woe. A list of the negativity people must live with.

What do we do? We are all on a journey and it is dark all around. We can’t see our feet through the whirling black negative energy. The answer is positive thoughts, positive actions. You can call them mitzvos of random acts of kindness. Or simply doing good. The name means nothing, the action is what produces the magic. The we find the source of some evil double the positive energy that will counteract the dark energies.

I have spoken with several masters who feel that the more positive energy we send in the world, the harder the darkness will fight. So we add more. Surround yourself and the troubled parts of the world with white light. Pray for leaders to have wisdom and the courage to act upon the wisdom.

” The bitter tear that flows into the sea

Dissolves into liquid unity

And in the sunlight rises up anew

To fall again as rain–sweet alchemy.

The seen of belief unfurls in faith , branches

out in experience, blossoms in realization, and bears fruit in service.

The goal of the journeyer is the Beloved.

The goal of the Beloved is the journey.”

—Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Babies are not born thinking others are different.

Babies are not born thinking others are different.

6 thoughts on “The Way of the World

  1. Emma Lewis says:

    This is really a cry from the heart, and I understand where you are coming from. On our small island of Jamaica we are so beset with evils – huge economic problems, rising crime, a terrible endless drought, and a growing number of terribly marginalized people who are barely surviving. But all that I can do to bring light is to help people wherever I can, write my blog, advocate, and work with three NGOs doing very good work that I can support. All you can do is do what you can in your little corner. It’s overwhelming, but every little bit can make a difference. (I know this sounds trite, but it’s true…)

    • Not trite. real. there is nothing trite with the reality of people’s lives. You are walking your journey. Know you are not alone and that you are doing what you can do. Thank you for your comment. Blessings, Barbara

      • Emma Lewis says:

        Thank you so much, Barbara. I just thought what I had written was a b bit “lame.” What I do is very little. But it is a kind of crisis. Spirituality (not religion) helps tremendously. Meditation specifically, I find it helps me to think more clearly…

      • I have been meditating for 35 years. The inner communication with the Divine makes this journey on this plane possible. Blessings, Barbara

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Today’s inspiration from Ms. Barbara.

  3. We continue to ask for peace, yet pay for war. I don’t think I will ever understand. We continue to ask for change yet we continue to elect those who will insure the status quo. I don’t think I will ever understand and it breaks my heart.

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