A lovely story and connection. A must read.

J. Schlenker

It’s Black History Month.  I wish to dedicate some of this month’s blog writings to Sally Ann Barnes.  I met her when I was eight.  She was 101 at the time.  She lived to be 110.  During my research into Sally I made lots of phone calls and visits to people who had known Sally.  There was usually some little story about her.  I wrote these up in what I called Sally Shorts.  I’m hoping I can draw a picture to go along with the story.


The more I discover about Sally’s life, the more I admire it and want to emulate it in certain respects.  One thing that I aspire to is the self-sufficiency.  I think this aspect of her life came more from the time period in which she lived rather than a desired goal.

The general store, now vacant, still stands within a mile of what was…

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  1. andy1076 says:

    She sounds like an incredible person, I would have loved to know her 🙂

  2. Lovely post 🙂 An inspirational lady Sally Ann Barnes! Great read 🙂

    And this blog is beautiful too! Took a while to battle the internet gremlins to get in but worth the battle 🙂

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