The Life of Love

“I have loved in life, and been loved.
My heart has been rent and joined again.
My heart has been broken and again made whole.
A thousand deaths my heart has died, and thanks be to love.
It lives yet.
I went to hell and saw there love’s raging fire, and I
entered heaven illuminated with the light of love.
The whole world sank in the flood caused by my one tear
I bowed my head low in humility, and on my knees I begged of love,
‘Disclose to me, I pray thee, O love, thy secret’.
She took me gently by my arms and lifted me above the earth, and spoke softly in my ear,
‘My dear one, thou thyself art love, art lover,and thyself art the beloved whom thou hast adored'”.

—Hazrat Inayat Khan

The fragrance of love, Photo by Barbara Mattio

2 thoughts on “The Life of Love

  1. I love this poem! Thanx for sharing it! 🙂

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