Photo by David Bonney.

I believe friends are reflections of each other. An alchemy happens and we reflects bits of one another to the world and the Universe. Life is like a large reflecting pool and the reflections fill the world.
Our children reflect us and our unspoken words. I have 9 grands and watch in awe as their little personalities emerge and as they reflect back to us what we have shown them.
Our society reflects what we say and think. It reflects how we become involved and care. Do we give of ourselves and our talents? Do we show that we care for those who are walking a harder path than ours?
And so it goes, the reflections show us to the world at large. They are more subtle than the awards we may be given or the applause we may earn. Reflections give us the essence and the flavor of who we are.

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Lovely reflection. Blessings, Ellen

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