Off-duty cop shoots teen for suspicion of pot

Cop Shoots Teen In the Back SEVEN TIMES Because He ‘Thought He Had Marijuana’

The parents of the dead youth must be totally heart broken. The young girl and her parents must be besides themselves with worry and grief. Officers of the law are an important part of our society. In Nazi Germany, the police became all powerful and corrupt and committed outrageous acts of thievery, rape, murder and other acts I can not go into here.
Police are supposed to protect the good citizens from those who would run amok and destroy people’s lives and our society.
Many officers are not doing that today. There seem to be a certain type of officer that is racist and bigoted and uses fear as an excuse to shoot first, glean information later.
Now let me say here, that I know that there are many good, ethical and moral cops in America. It is the bad ones that get the attention and make all officers suspect in people’s eyes.
The only remedy I see is for all officers who push the line, react in a racist manner, shoot a child or a young person in the back, to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The law needs to be color blind. Shooting someone who is not Caucasian — shooting anyone — is not allowed unless the officer has done all that is legally required, to warn the person that they will now shoot them if they do not cease and desist immediately. A shot in the leg or knee or hip would be understandable. Seven rounds in the back is not.
I know some people are offended by the slogan, Black Lives Matter. Being a Caucasian woman who is aging gives me some perspective. My perspective is that Stop and Frisk is being aimed at people of color. Being a person of color does not make you bad or a gang member. Yes, there are many kids of color in gangs. There are many Caucasians in gangs also. Gangs provide the acceptance and sense of family, many people who come to America or who are born here can not find. I think gangs are bad and hurt our American society but I must emphasize that Lives of Color Matter, Black Lives Matter, and in fact, All Lives Matter. Rich or poor, straight or not, Lives Matter.
Having studied abnormal psychology, I know that there are many people out there who can kill without feeling anything. They often start as serial rapists and move on to being serial murderers. They are still human beings and they do have human rights even though they do not give them to other people.
In Cleveland, last year two officers killed Tamir Rice; a child playing in a park with a play gun. Someone called in a suspicious person. Tamir was dead within seconds of the officers arriving. I cried and ranted and then I prayed. The officers did not do time but the city of Cleveland now must pay the Rice family $6 million dollars. It won’t bring their child back or close the black hole left inside them. It won’t let them ever hear Tamir’s laugh, or watch him open his birthday presents again, but I hope it will make the city train their officers better and to punish them whenever they commit a crime such as taking the life of a child.
May Johnathan Santellanna rest in peace.