Sunday is For Music


I chose Trombone Shorty because he plays jazz and I could find him performing as a child and then later on as a man. He is from my favorite city, New Orleans. I think he is really good. Ok, perhaps not Louis Amrstrong but perhaps with some more years he will be just as fantastic. I hope you enjoy my offering today. Put a little spark in your day.

It is Sunday and I Have Another Gifted Little Angel

It is Sunday and I am happy to introduce you a lovely little girl who can play piano and violin.  She caught my eye because I played Viola as a child. Wait, wait I couldn’t play at all like she does. I hope that this performance will lift your hearts and put smiles on your faces.  Sit back and enjoy.

Bravery Takes Many Forms

It is Sunday and if you follow my blog, you know that means I am showcasing a talented child. Ok, talented is understated but you will understand when you hear young Malacki sing. I hope you enjoy his voice as much as I did. I hope it raises you up all day long.

Trash Philharmonic


Hello everyone. It is Sunday and I have an other performance by some creative, determined, and talented kids. These are not children of privelidge or private schooling. They have just followed their hearts. So, I will now introduce you to what I call the Trash Philharmonic. I hope you enjoy the music and you are inspired by the children.

I Would like to Present a Song for a Summer Sunday Afternoon


Young Avery is six years old and this is a video of him playing an  old favorite song from my youth.  My long ago youth. It was the sixties and this song is Wipeout  by the Sarfaris. I have to admit to listening to this song many times that summer. I really loved it. It was #2 on the charts. This young man does it justice. What a gift he has and I wanted to introduce Avery to my readers. I have nothing profound to say except that I hope you enjoy this talented young man. Blues skies and sunshine to everyone.  Barbara