Change and Love to Stimulate Creativity

Needlework by Barbara Mattio

Creativity is like a plant in that it needs to be fertilized and watered. It needs quite a bit of attention and stimulation for it to flow out of your minds and heart and soul. All of life is in a constant state of change and often I, for one, have not been comfortable with that. We need to look at change as opportunity. It is amazing that I am able to say this with a straight face, but I am and the changes in life stimulate the flow of cosmic consciousness and the flow of creativity.

Another essential aspect of creativity is love. You must love yourself and those in your community. Darkness will hide your artistic voice. You need to love the people who agree with you as well as those who do not. A singer exercises their voice. To exercise the love aspect of your being will encourage your artistic voice.

Look at your work as an uphill climb and move gradually and steadily toward the summit. It is like a tiny stream in a landscape. If the stream is flowing, it can change the topography.

You can arrive at artistic purity, not today or tomorrow perhaps, but the more your creativity flows and the more your art flows out of your being, the closer you will become to the purity. So breathe. This doesn’t happen overnight, but then teachers don’t function in a classroom overnight. A construction site doesn’t turn into a skyscraper overnight either. Keep breathing and allowing change and believe in your self. You will shine!

Artistic Voice

Charcoal sketch by Barbara Mattio

We are creative by nature, not choice. Creativity seeks us out. This must just be accepted. Finding your artistic voice can be like trying to move a boulder. Slow progress and time may pass before you may see measurable progress.

An artist needs balance in his/her life. The myth that artist must suffer is just that a myth. So don’t invest in the myth. Don’t force your creativity into a square others think it should be in. There is no reason to create drama or hardship to fuel your talents. Life will provide plenty itself.

Don’t try to force your talent and work to grow as an artist without concern with where the art is taking you. This is true for all mediums, including music, acting, performance art or sculpting.

What the artistic person creates is a representation of your subconsciousness. Don’t get bogged down with past failures, or a creative block. This will stop you from living in the present moment and enjoying the beauty of the day.

You can’t be your own critic and need to silence your doubts. I realize that that is a constant struggle. This is a huge block to finding your artistic voice.

When you are working and in the zone and the creativity is just streaming and uninhibited, you are releasing your creative voice. You approach artistic purity when your work is absent of everyday concerns. You have given yourself over to the flow of the subconscious mind. The great Masters worked from this place within themselves. Remember, anything is attainable and never limit yourself. Art is communication and you are creating that conversation.