And it’s Blessings

I’m so glad that I live in Western North Carolina. I’m thrilled to go outside and feel the sun on my face; to have shed a warmer winter coat a few weeks ago, and I’ve worn gloves once this winter. This is fine for a winter for me.

We were coming back from errands and we took back roads to come home, because the highway is having major construction and major slowdowns. I couldn’t get enough of the Carolina Blue skies; the forsythia in full bloom. There were crocuses blooming, and tulips budding and early daffodils were out and showing their shining faces as we drove by. It couldn’t have been sweeter if it wanted to.

Our grocery stores had out their garden areas, filled with flowers. My Southern LIving magazine came with a full page ad for Rio Dipladenia flowers, apparently available at the Home Depot. The colors are amazing shades of pink, and there’s a white version also. They are easy care, drought tolerant and non-stop blooming. The garden centers are open and you can give your eyes a total feast of color for the first time this year.

It’s also time to take out the maps and begin talking about vacation. With the gas prices where they are, for myself I will choose something close by. I’ve thought of two possible places. Other people are going to bite the gas bullet and really travel. However, since children are still getting COVID, as well as adults, I feel it’s better to save money on gas and not expose anyone in your family or circle of friends, and stay close to home.

What I don’t recommend is doing spring cleaning in this weather. Contact Merry Maids or Care.com. It’s been a long two years — cut yourself a break, because from now on, there will only be more flowers and grass to cut, and baking for the children. There will be pools to have fun in, rivers to paddle (and kayaks to buy). There will houses to redecorate, because you are different now — we’re all different now — due to the pandemic. So we decorate to show who we are now post-pandemic.

People have said they haven’t changed, but, oh, we have all changed. For better or for worse, there is change, in us, our communities, our society. So go with the change and show the world your changes.

Hello, Spring.



Photographed and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2022
Tunnel through the Mountain Photograph and Copyright Barbara Mattio 2017
Garden after Garden Photograph & Copyright Barbara Mattio 2017
Spring Blooms for Show Photograph and copyright Barbara Mattio 2019
Orchid in bloom. Photograph and copyright Barbara Mattio

4 thoughts on “SPRING

  1. I remember mountainsides of blooming rhododendrons n chimney rock park. Such a beautiful memory.

  2. pujakins says:

    Beautiful photos, Thanks from still brown New England

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