Republicans Decline to see Trump Taxes: And Dems Get it on Record

House Dem forces GOP to take recorded vote on Trump tax returns

3 thoughts on “Republicans Decline to see Trump Taxes: And Dems Get it on Record

  1. There are some gray-haired old grannys in the government who need to retire .. and soon if you ask me. I wish Trump would come forth with his tax returns too but I am sure there are more important things on his plate at the present time. I am assuming the only reason the sore losing Liberals are wanting to see those tax returns is so they can search for something else to hold against the President. What other movitve could there be seeing as how the Left has this really egregious level of hate for the President who won the election they thought was in the bag for themselves.

    • We want to see the tax returns because every president in memory has showed the American people their returns. Trump acts like he has something to hide and that makes it important that his returns are opened to the light of day. People are not looking for things against Trump but they are responding to what he id saying and doing. Trump is the bringer of hate. The liberals, as you call us are not haters but are people who love every human being. We love the poor, the people of every color, every religion, and every economic level. We won’t allow women to be sent back to the nineteenth century. We won’t allow the GOP harm any of these marginalized people that he insulted and and made callus remark about. What he said about people…human beings was the worst I have ever heard a supposed presidential candidate ever express.

      • “Every president in memory has showed the American People their returns…”

        Must be an awfully short memory! — Showing the American People presidential tax returns began with President Nixon in 1973 and this shortfall in your information makes the rest of the comment untenable. But It is interesting. I can allow that much. If we are going to make statements then we have to get the facts straight.

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