That Something

Excellent poem. I really liked this. Have a good week. Hugs, Barbara


A wee bit of a song going on here. It’s the driving home late from work effect, humming away at nothing till words come along to join in.

You gave me angels, I gave you devils

You gave me magic, I gave you spells

You gave me something I have no name for

And the truth is you do it very well.


You gave me fortune, I gave you bad luck

You gave me future, I gave you past

You gave me something I could not fathom

And the truth is it could not last


You gave me freedom, I gave you sentence

You gave me wildly, I gave you tame

You gave me something to remember

And the truth is I can’t forget your name


You gave me insights, I gave you hidden

You gave me friendship, I gave you fears

You gave me something that makes…

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One thought on “That Something

  1. Thanks for sharing, Barbara. Hugs.x

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