What will Humans Look Like in 100 years

I found this online and, being a Star Trek fan, it made me think of the many things the the genre of Sci Fi has brought into the realm of possibility. Cell phones, micro waves, and space travel into deep space. We are beginning to want to find out want is out there.  Planets, stars, nebula, black holes are only the tip of the iceberg. Is there life and what form does it take? Life forms will not look like you and I as we are today. Their evolution will have been different than ours.


This brings us to the video about what we, as humans, could evolve to look like in the distant future. I confess to really wishing I could be here to see and interact with the evolved humans. I do not believe that cryogenics, freezing the body, works or I would think about that as a  remedy.


Physicist Stephen Hawkins has recently released a statement that his belief is that we humans will live about 1000 more years and then we will have destroyed our planet and possibly ourselves. I respect his work the same as I respect Einstein’s work.


The question of what human beings will look like in a hundred years or even a thousand years becomes vital in this context. The evolution of human beings, as described, sounds doable and reasonable. It does not remind one of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It is the natural progression of prosthetics, pacemakers, and hearing aids. I believe that a lot of work in this vein has been done as researchers and scientists scramble to be able to give our returning vets a quality standard of living.


There is a synchronicity to this flow, I think. To remain at the status quo is to court disaster for our species.











Humans of the future?

Humans of the future?



Or perhaps these humans of the future?

Or perhaps these humans of the future?

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