Boy Accused of Being Witch

Where ignorance prevails, where education is almost none existent, anything “different” is seen as dangerous, and prejudice grows.

Where prejudice grows, people are seen as “other” and not as human, and fear will follow.

Where fear lives, persecution will follow, as the feared must be eliminated and driven out.

Prejudice, fear and ignorance have been around for centuries.  Where these three blights exist,  persecution will follow, affecting old and young, men and women, perceived as “different”.

Where persecution is allowed to thrive, where people are not seen as human, as individuals, but merely as undesirables and labels, murder will follow.

From ignorance, prejudice.  From prejudice, fear.  From fear, persecution and, almost inevitably, death.

For centuries, people with knowledge of plants and trees, of animals and insects, have been seen as “witches” and those lacking such knowledge have sought to eliminate them.

In the 21st Century, that the triple blight of ignorance, prejudice and fear are allowed to cause such suffering is itself a crime against humanity.

We must teach that knowledge is desirable; healthy even.  We must learn to look past prejudicial labels to the sameness that is in each human, man, woman and, most of all, children, who have not yet been corrupted into giving up the good in themselves which is the heart of being human.  We must learn to overcome fear in favor of tolerance and understanding.

Only together will Humanity survive.







2 thoughts on “Boy Accused of Being Witch

  1. slesser1013 says:

    I saw this on Facebook, its horrible what they did to this little boy and Im so grateful for the woman who took him home. He deserves to have a good life.

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