Natural Woman



I know I have shared a lot of music lately. I guess I am just in a mood. Please indulge me with this clip honoring Carole King. Sung by the amazing Aretha Franklin. I can think of no voice better to honor Carole or anyone. Ms. Franklin has a voice that puts the angels to shame. All of heaven listens when she sings because she grabs your soul and you know you are alive!







Aretha Franklin, blues singer

Aretha Franklin, blues singer



Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

4 thoughts on “Natural Woman

  1. inavukic says:

    It was mid 1973 when I saw her at her concert at Nassau Coliseum – I was studying at NYU that year – still to this day I hear her sing. Happy New Year, Barbara 😀

  2. Thank you Barb for the video. I watched the Kennedy Show Honors the other night and loved every minute of it. I watch it every year.

    My husband and I have tickets to see Beautiful here in Philly in March and looking forward to it.

    I wish you a healthy and happy New Year.


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